The smell of rotten fish is so hard to disperse

First of all, Happy New Year, guys. Let me promise you I won’t be spending 2013 talking about the bully site because frankly, it’s dull, repetitive and just not clever.

However, I do need to note that when you ignore a legal notice to remove copyrighted material four times, and lie to your webhost about it, not only is the webhost legally obliged to boot your lying arse from their hosting, but they will do it with a great deal of glee. (If you noticed the site was up and down like a pair of whore’s drawers over the Xmas period, this is why. Not for any other reason, whatever nonsense Douthit is claiming.)

So Madame du Twat’s little grudgewank project is no longer on GoDaddy. She’s scuttled off to a new host based in Utah. Because of course, STGRB has nothing to do with Melissa Douthit (Utah), and Douthit’s utter lack of connection would be why she’s blocked critics of STGRB from viewing her personal blog. Nothing to do with the site at all.

Yeah, right.

However, Madame du Twat should note clauses 10.03-10.05 of her new host’s terms of service, as well as the entirety of section 11. If she intends to try the same shenanigans she pulled with her last host (lying about her intention to remove my copyrighted material, trying to block my IP address, password protecting the post with the offending material etc) she will find her new host will be obliged by law to take her site off their servers. Again. And since she will be officially labelled a repeat offender, she may find hosting services increasingly difficult to obtain.

I have no intention, as I said, of spending this or future years exposing Douthit or her idiot acolytes’ nonsense. No one takes them seriously except other fools, and if there’s anyone left in the western world with an interest in the subject who doesn’t know who’s running the site, then I’d be amazed. Du Twat can link and mock and being a lying cunt about me all she wants. Obviously it’s her hobby and even criminals are allowed those. She’s the YA community’s equivalent of the raw prawns in the curtain rod, and all we can do is hope she gets bored or discovers it’s more profitable to learn how to write properly than to try and destroy readers.

But if she’s going to copy whole blog posts and forum comments of mine, then I will lodge a copyright complaint. Not because it pisses me off that she’s talking crap about me, but because she uses screen grabs without linkbacks for one reason only – to prevent people putting a conversation in context, and so she can present her ‘unique’ (that is, fraudulent) perspective on reality. She can’t even criticise me honestly. She’s got to make shit up.

She’s attacked me because I’ve spoken out. Everyone she’s targeted, she’s targetted for the same reason – for daring to be honest. She’s done damn near everything she can to silence her critics. Well, if she’s going to use the DMCA to do that, then I will damn well use it to make her play by the rules. Link it or lose it, baby. (Oh, and IP blocking? Childishly simple to get around. Not to mention that I have friends all over the world who can report information to me about site content.) [ETA: See this clarification.]

And now, enough of this crap. Looking forward to this book coming out? I sure am!

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9 Responses to The smell of rotten fish is so hard to disperse

  1. G. says:

    Thanks Ann. Really. It’s about time that that stalking, lying site, is called to task.

  2. ginmar says:

    Yeah, baby. Seeing as how I cannot offer a congratulatory booty dance or something similiar, may I offer a symbolic glass of champers?

  3. Merrian says:

    Good on you. I do hope 2013 is a great year and that your re-release of Jerna goes fantastically

  4. Linda Hilton says:

    YOU GO, GIRLFRIEND!!! WhoooHoooo!

    (StGRB??? Who dat?) ;-)

  5. Bruins Gal says:

    You can’t even begin to guess just how happy I am after reading that. Good for you and I hope you have a fabulous 2013.

  6. Karlynp says:

    Ann, I was thrilled to learn about this! They deserve no less. They really should get a good copyright lawyer, or learn a new game. Fair use allows moderate use of excerpts only to support an article, but they rely on copyrighted content as their articles. Thry write so little original content. And copying full bodies of work and calling that fair use???! They really don’t get it. Best news is Google will likely delist them now that they are official violators, and they can thank their own stupidity. Thanks for holding fast on this issue!

  7. Sirius says:

    Wait, wait no more of that site? YES!!!! And thank you.

  8. Ceilidh says:

    Well done Ann, well done indeed!

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