I wonder who could possibly be behind that nasty site?

All of this is speculation, and obviously I have no proof, but I have some serious suspicions about the people behind that so-called anti-bullying site.

First of all, they’re likely to be authors – because authors (and sometimes their publishers) are the only ones likely to be this fucking nuts about reviews. And they’re likely to be self-published, because, sadly, they tend to be the absolute nuttiest about ‘bad’ reviews.

And they’re likely to be people who’ve characterised the crap those fuckwits are whining like sooky babies over as bullying before.

Perhaps they’re people who write posts like this, and this. And this. And who do stuff like this, and this, and this. Perhaps, like one of these authors, they have form in outing reviewers’ real life information. (The other one is mentioned specifically as a victim of Ridley’s ‘bullying’.) I suspect they see themselves as victims while being the worst kind of badly behaving author you are likely to ever see.

If you look at the ‘who we are’ with the fictional bios, there are hints which those of us familiar with Authorus butthurticus recognise from past behaviour/interactions.

Basically these dipshits aren’t fooling anyone about who’s doing this. And it’s not making them look anything other than bullies, cowards, fools, liars and sooks.

ETA: I’ve since discovered the domain of that site is registered to an ‘Athena Parker’ of Monterey, California. Someone called ‘Athena’ has posted on that site, including the latest gloating load of shit taunting people who are leaving comments on the posts – they won’t be approving any critical ones. Nice. They can dish it out but they can’t take it.

Whoever else is involved, Athena Parker shares primary responsibility and blame for what participants on that site get up to.

ETA2: Looks like Melissa Douthit is worried that people might make connections between her blog posts and the tellingly similar content of the ‘anti’ bullying site. She’s deleted the two I linked above. Caches for the moment are here:


and here:


I also have screen captures of the post caches. Please email me if you want copies.

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