A J Llewellyn comes clean…sort of

So as I predicted yesterday, A J Llewellyn has indeed made a teary admission of deception, and right on cue, his fans are falling over themselves to forgive him and say that of course it doesn’t matter.

A few comments.

Llewellyn states he is transgendered, a statement we must take on face value, however convenient it sounds (and he’s not the first to state this at times of, shall we say, great external pressure.) Coming out as trans is a difficult and painful process, and it would be a truly filthy thing for someone to use it to get themselves out of a hole of their own devising. A J Llewellyn wishes to be known as ‘he’ and so I will use that pronoun out of respect for those I know to be transgendered.

However, Llewellyn accuses those of exposing him of ‘bashing’. A couple of weeks ago, I was accused of bullying a certain author because I told him his constant spamming of his book had annoyed me to the point where I had ceased to have any interest in buying it.

Obviously, I either need a new dictionary, or these people need to understand that there are consequences of bad behaviour, and being called on it isn’t abusive – it’s life. Llewellyn deserves no respect for his claim, and those who will eagerly push that line, are idiots to fall for it. Llewellyn didn’t just deceive readers, he dragged his editor into the mess:

On the subject of bullying, however, Llewellyn fails to address the most serious accusations in Kris’s post – ones which Kris is not alone in making or believing:

What if an author even goes to the extent of writing articles for well-known GLBTQ and review sites about ‘their’ life as a gay man, ‘their’ coming out story, etc?

What if one of the people an author works with finds out the truth and calls ‘them’ on it?

What if an author justifies ‘their’ actions by saying it was marketing strategy in order for ‘them’ to appear more ‘legitimate’ to readers?

What if the person who works with an author cuts ties completely because of their outrage at this betrayal to and blatant exploitation of the GLBTQ communities?

What if the person never discusses what happened and despite the struggle it causes within because of their own family situation?

What if the person goes on to be successful in their own right?

What if an author appears to react to some of the suspicions now surrounding ‘them’ by entering into a working and life partnership with another author?

What if rumour mill begins to churn madly about the possibility that an author’s new partner is actually ‘them’ writing under another pseud?

What if an author gets jealous of the popularity of the person who used work with ‘them’?

What if an author accuses the person of using ‘them’ as a launch pad and tells the person they should be more grateful?

What if an author goes so far as to say the person is only interested in GLBTQ issues in order to look like an ally and thus make more money?

Being trans doesn’t explain deceiving gay magazines, or making disgusting allegations about someone with gay family members. Llewellyn doesn’t explain that – we’re supposed to go “oh, poor chap, living a lie and forced into the light by those meanies” and ignore the substance of Kris’s complaint. No, we won’t do that, Llewellyn. Your name is mud because you dragged it through the muck, not from anything thrown by anyone else.

There are many – too many – authors pretending to be gay men in this genre, and these are not actually transgendered. It’s a practice that needs to stop but it’s on the rise again. But this affair goes deeper than mere appropriation. This goes to the very heart of the exploitation of the lives of GLBT people of which we writers are often accused and too often guilty. Llewellyn has perpetrated a con and his apology is gutless and dishonest. Like him, really.

I should also point out that I found out about this situation from other people, and did none of the digging. I deserve no credit for the exposure, though you can blame me for naming the names. I have been told by people who believe it that Llewellyn is also D J Manly – an author with a very thin online presence and bio. Given Llewellyn’s other behaviour, I’m inclined to side with the doubters. However, if this isn’t true, then I apologise to Manly.

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21 Responses to A J Llewellyn comes clean…sort of

  1. siog says:

    ‘not just’ transgender people? so being transgender really means to you pretending to be something you’re not ?

  2. Arlene says:

    Now AJ will make him/her self a victim what a bunch of Tripe!!!

  3. Gloria Roberts says:

    Wow, you should be proud of yourself in your attempts to destroy a truly good person. Shame on you. I worked with a transgender and he was truly a male in a female body. DJ is another whole different personality. No hint of DJ in AJ. Now you really owe DJ an apology. This is despicable.

    • What the fuck has being transgender got to do with DJ Manly, other than Manly being Llewellyn?

      Your outrage would be more effective if I had a clue what you’re on about.

  4. Gloria Roberts says:

    Manly is Manly and AJ is AJ. DUH!

    • So you say. Others believe otherwise, and so do I.

      You seem to think that being called transgendered is insulting. I think you’re the one with a problem.

      Now, go away.

  5. Gloria Roberts says:

    Your an idiot. I never said no such thing. I understand what transgender is. I said nothing of the sort and did not infer it as insulting. In fact, it is a fact of life. But your one goal is to destroy a person. You are evil. First and last time I enter this sorry blog. I hope you destroy yourself instead of him.

  6. Lynn Crain says:

    I’ve been watching this with interest as I have a publisher in common with this person. As far as the D.J. versus A.J. thing, D.J. was published in 2005 with eXtasy Books way BEFORE A.J. was ever heard about.

    The fact that you co-author something with someone who you only ever met on the internet, doesn’t mean that they should be put in the same basket. What it does mean is for some reason the two got along well enough to write a book together.

    I have many friends on the internet that I have never met, nor will ever meet. There are even a few that I would co-author books with but that certainly doesn’t mean they know everything about me. What I’m trying to say is, that the internet is a dodgy place to begin with and we can never be sure that what we see or think we’re getting is really what we’re going to get. Ever. People have the tendency to do strange and different things unexpectedly.

    I do know that A.J. and D.J. have two different IP addresses and that’s something you can’t do if you’re in the same house. Or maybe even the same apartment building…I’ll have to think on that…does everyone who lives in an apartment with free internet have the same or close to the same IP address? Interesting thought.

    Just my two cents.


  7. Sandy says:

    I honestly don’t know what to think about all this… So I have a question. Why did this make you so angry? Where you a fan of AJ’s? Have you worked with him? Why do you feel so betrayed? I’m not trying to put you on the spot, I’m genuinely curious. You took it upon yourself to ‘oust’ him but you haven’t justified it…

    • Kristin L. says:

      I just heard about this so-called scandal about 10 minutes ago, but in that small amount of time, this is what I’ve figured out:

      Ann did not “out” AJ. That was done by someone else, apparently by one of AJ’s former co-writers (according to AJ’s own blog). Ann is just responding to the scandal in her usual sweet “This is what I think, suck it bitches” sort of way. Some people don’t respond very well to that and get mad. But I’ve never gotten the sense that Ann is trying to be vicious or ruin anyone’s life or whatever other dumb things people say.

      As for Ann’s “justifications” for speaking her mind, well, she does have a long history of publicly denouncing (i.e. calling out) female M/M authors posing as men. I don’t have all the handy links ready to throw in, but this is not a novel topic for her, and she’s got a lot of legit reasons for having issues with it. Furthermore, I think AJ’s “deception” was quite a bit more elaborate than the typical case, which is why people are more upset about the situation. For example… There were fake pictures of a male model/friend(?) used on all of AJ’s websites. This male model/friend actually did a book signing once posing as AJ. There were several “nonfiction” articles written by AJ over the years about “coming-out” (as a young gay man) and “living as a gay man.” (Well, to be honest, I don’t really know the specifics about these articles either…just that he has written publicly – in GLBTQ mags, interviews, and on his blog – about his life as a gay man.) So it’s not really the pseudonym that people are so pissed about…it’s the elaborate deception.

      • Sandy says:

        Thank you so much for replying! I understand that better now. I guess I do have a problem with the ‘suck it bitches’ part of Ann’s writing, even though I generally really enjoy her work and her thoughts on most things.

        To be honest, I felt like she was being vindictive and a bully, rather than acting against an injustice, so it really rubbed me the wrong way. Her apology didn’t help either. But her last post was really enlightening and things make more sense to me now. I still disagree with the way things went down, as I don’t believe anybody has a right to be the internet police just because they feel like it. There’s a difference between exposing someone’s deception and bashing them (and the fans who still support them) over it.

        Still, neither do I agree with AJ going so far as having someone else go to a book signing and write articles about his life as a gay man when he has yet to fully live as one. Given his explanation, I understand why he did it, but that doesn’t mean I condone his deception. As I said, I just disagree with the way it was exposed and with the abuse he’s had to suffer over it. Obviously, Ann was not the only person involved in this, but she has been the most vocal about it; she’s also the one who revealed his name.

        Lastly, I agree with Anna in saying that her behaviour was unprofessional and will likely make her a liability for future co-authors and publishers. Only time will tell.

        • “I felt like she was being vindictive and a bully,”


          “There’s a difference between exposing someone’s deception and bashing them (and the fans who still support them) over it.”

          Where did I ‘Bash’ them? Criticise yes, and the more I see of Llewellyn and his supporters, the more critical and disgusted I get. You’re not privy to the things I’ve been told about abusive emails and messages sent to people in this, but look through the comments on my blog and you’ll get some idea. I judge people by their supporters and Llewellyn is coming out very badly.

          “she’s also the one who revealed his name.”
          And why not? People have been dancing around this for months – it was an open secret. And yet all the not naming was doing was throwing suspicion on the innocent. In the meantime, Llewellyn was behaving disgracefully, and using manipulation to cover for his actions.

          You forget. Llewellyn is the wrongdoer. His exposure is the direct result of his dishonesty and lack of ethics. The only one he can blame is himself.

          Does it occur to you that your criticism of me echoes every criticism of anyone who exposes any scandal? Why aren’t we nicer? Why didn’t we take it to them in private? (Answer – it’s not like Llewellyn didn’t know what he was doing!) Etc etc. Shooting the messenger is a long tried and fairly dishonourable tactic. Why are you giving into it?

          “her behaviour was unprofessional and will likely make her a liability for future co-authors and publishers”

          And Llewellyn’s behaviour now is the epitome of restrained professionalism, of course. You needn’t worry about my career, not that you are – I never use co-authors, and I am done with publishers. I think Llewellyn is the one who will be a liability, and anyone co-authoring with her in the future should ask themselves what drama and nonsense he will drag them into.

          • FB says:

            It is my understanding that AJ someone sign for him once. Was it wrong, YES but he learned his lesson and did not do it again, and it was I think three years ago. As for the articles that he wrote about living as a gay man….HE IS! As far as I know (and everyone else unless you are a personal friend and see him every day) he lives as a man. Yes I know that he has not had the surgery but that should make NO difference, he still associates as a male and is GAY. Therefore can write about living as a gay man!
            Having someone else’s picture as his avitar…so what. I have a crazy cute man on mine and I am very much a woman. My close personal friends and those I choose to allow on my facebook see the real “me”. Privately I am a nanny and I tend to write and interact on the internet under an assumed name so to keep my personal likes and thoughts private from the families that I work with.

            Unless you are sleeping with AJ or thinking of sleeping with him then his gender is no ones business but HIS!

            He should have been able to come out to the world (not just those close to him) when he felt right about it not when others decided it!

            I’ve noticed you said something about grammer before so let me say it for you…. there are probably tons. Live with it I am not a writer and don’t have spell check.

            This situation is becoming a big bully fest both towards AJ and those that are mad about what he did. I think we all should grow up. At the end of the day he did not physically hurt anyone he just decided to keep something private and trusted the wrong people.

            PS- I highly doubt that AJ was able to drag his editor into anything. I am sure the editor has more pull than any author.

          • you’ve read my posts and you still think this is about someone’s gender?

            How do you get through any normal day without eating your own underwear?

  8. Anna M. says:

    Lynn, AJ lives in a house not an apartment near Hollywood. DJ lives in Canada near Toronto. His first and last real name are both French. For confidentiality reasons, I cannot say more, except that they are two distinctly different personalities. In a situation I dealt with both of them and they are not the same person.

    Sandy, I do know they co-wrote, whether it was one book or more than one, I don’t know. I also don’t know what author out there would take the risk of writing with her after this shenanigan. People pay for their books and get what they pay for. They are not entitled to the author’s soul.

    • FB says:

      Anna I agree with you that we are buying books not the authors soul! It seems that some think we have the right to their personal lives as well. Maybe authors should never use pen names so we can all know everything about them. (being very sarcastic).

      • Nicole says:

        I really want to correct you here, however, I fear that you’ve made it this far without seeing the point and me saying anything to the contrary will fall upon deaf ears. I will say this, though. This argument is dying down. Let it. You go your way and support AJ, we’ll go our way and continue to disbelieve a lot of what he says. At this stage of the game, most of us know where we stand and you’re not creating new debate by commenting here, you’re dredging up the same old crap that’s been discussed already. If, indeed you do want to show AJ your support, stop commenting and drawing attention to the matter.

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